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Custom Web Dev - Ideas to Reality: Projects, Apps, Websites. Expert services for successful online solutions.

Custom Web Development - Get Your Ideas Online. Transform your vision into a successful online reality with my custom web development services. Expert in tailored solutions for personal and corporate websites. Optimized for SEO for strong online presence and success. Unique, functional, and optimized - work with me to make a lasting impact on the web.

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Boost Your Online Presence with a Professional E-commerce Store

Take Your Business Online with Custom E-commerce Development: Template Creation and Modification to Fit Your Brand. Sell Your Products with Prestashop or Wordpress Custom Modules.

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Get Your Website Back on Track with Expert Web Problem-Solving Solutions

Fix Your Website Issues - Is your website not working properly? Need database fixing? Want to migrate to a new host? Need custom development? I offer website problem-solving services, hosting migration, and tailored development to enhance your site's functionality and performance. Plus, I can help you connect to APIs for a better user experience. Contact me now for more information on how I can help with your website needs

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About me

richi gallego

With over 10 years of experience and a multitude of websites developed, including corporate sites, online stores, digital advertising, static sites, dynamic sites, and more, I have had the pleasure of working with many advertising agencies, consulting firms, design studios, local companies, and individuals.

My Skills as a Front-End Developer:

  • React.js: 5+ years of extensive experience with multiple projects such as web apps, apps, and websites. For example, is built using Next.js (React.js framework), Javascript with functional components, SCSS, and Firebase hosting and real-time database with node.
  • React Native: Experience in creating mobile apps for IOS and Android.
  • Vue.js: 5+ years of extensive experience with multiple projects such as web apps, apps, and websites. For example, is built using Nuxt.js (Vue.js framework).
  • Javascript: 10+ years of experience. I have used Javascript for more than 10 years, including libraries and frameworks such as React and Vue.
  • ES6/ES7: Proficient in object-oriented Javascript and functional components, arrow functions, and features of ES6 and ES7 such as filters, fetch, and includes.
  • Micro services / Architecture / Best Practices: Experience in creating and leading teams to build projects by splitting services, managing architecture, and choosing the best technologies for the best solutions and faster results.
  • Git / CI/CD : All projects are managed using a repository and CI/CD pipelines to commit and manage versions of the project and to automate continuous integration and delivery.
  • Tailwinds / Bootstrap / MaterialUI : Experience in creating responsive sites and apps using these toolkits.
  • HTML, CSS, SASS: 10+ years of experience in building fast, responsive sites, themes, and micro front-ends.

My Skills as a Back-End Developer:

  • PHP: 5+ years of experience in creating APIs, MySQL connections, and working with back-end services to create micro-services.
  • MySQL / SQL / NoSQL / Firebase RealtimeDatabase: Knowledge in managing and querying databases using SQL or Firebase and basic knowledge of MongoDb.
  • Wordpress: Experience in creating corporate and professional sites using Wordpress and best practices, including creating plugins and building themes from scratch.
  • Prestashop: Experience in creating e-commerce sites using Prestashop by creating modules, themes, and managing all products and orders.
  • Ability to Skills for Amazon Alexa.

As a team player, I am committed to giving my best and achieving the best results. Contact me today to learn more about my freelance front-end development services.

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