About me

richi gallego

More than 10 years and a lot of websites developed, such as corporate sites, online stores, digital advertising, static sites, dynamic sites, etc. During that time, I have had the pleasure of working with many advertising agencies, consulting firms and design studios, as well as dozens of local companies and individuals.

Professional experience as a Front-End Developer:

  • React.js: 5+ years wide experience. Created multiple projects. Web Apps, Apps and websites. For example https://richi.codes is using Next.js ( React.Js framework ), Javascript with functional components, SCSS and using node with Firebase hosting and database in realtime.
  • React Native: Created mobile Apps for IOS and Android.
  • Vue.js: 5+ years wide experience. Created multiple projects. Web Apps, Apps and websites. For example https://informeanual2017.acciona.com/ is using Nuxt.js ( Vue.js framework )
  • Javascript: 10+ years experience. React and Vue are javascript libraries or frameworks and I use javascript since more than 10 year ago.
  • ES6/ES7: With Object Oriented Javascript I use functional components, arrow functions and features of ES6 and ES7 as filters, fetch, includes…
  • Micro services / Architecture / Best Practices: I created and lead team to build projects splitting services, managing the architecture and thinking about best technologies to build best solution and faster.
  • Git / CI/CD : All the projects I work with, are in a repository and usually using pipelines with CI/CD to commit and managing version of project and to manage it in development, staging or Production and automatization of continuous Integration and delivery.
  • Tailwinds / Bootstrap / MaterialUI : I worked with these toolkits to create responsive sites and apps.
  • HTML, CSS, SASS: 10+ years experience Built fast, responsive sites, themes, and micro frontends.

Professional experience as a Backend Developer:

  • PHP: 5+ experience to create APIs, mysql connections and work with backend services. To create microservices.
  • MySQL / SQL / NoSQL / Firebase RealtimeDatabase: Knowledge of managing and queries using SQL or Firebase, basic notions of MongoDb.
  • Wordpress: I created corporate sites and professional sites with Wordpress using best practices, creating plugins and building themes from scratch.
  • Prestashop: I created a lot of ecommerce with prestashop creating modules, themes and managing all products and orders.
  • I have the ability to create Skills for Amazon Alexa.

I love working in a team and giving my best to achieve the best results.

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